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Property Manager all-inclusive service

Property Management

At Task Wizard, we believe that rental property management is the last thing a rental property owner should have to think about. We’ll care for and monitor your rental property to ensure that the income potential is met for the life of your property. Each employee of Task Wizard has a unique set of skills, which we utilize to give our clients an all-inclusive rental property management experience. We can help with many different aspects of rental property management and maintenance:

  • Collect rent – Collecting rent from tenants can sometimes take an entire day of your time. Rather than take a day off from your regular job to collect rent, give us a call! We’re available to collect for you and make sure it gets into an allocated account!
  • Coordinate major repairs – When major repairs happen, Task Wizard is here to help make sure that the contractor or repair company stays on task and does their jobs right. We’ve got connections in throughout the construction and home repair industry to help repair major water damage, storm damage, and more.
  • Perform routine maintenance and minor repairs – It’s easy to change locks, make sure the laundry facilities are running correctly, and fix the lighting outside, but those things are time consuming. Is there damage to the drywall from picture frames or over-eager movers? We can fix that too! By keeping Task Wizard on a Property Management Retainer, we’ll always be available to fix those problems, without your tenants even having to give you a call.
  • Respond to emergency calls – Emergencies happen. We’re on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Don’t let these tenant emergencies bother you!
  • Clean out and prepare properties for new tenants – Inevitably, tenants move from one place to another. We’ll help clean out the property and prepare it for the next occupant. We’ll go through our rigorous property maintenance checklist to make sure that the locks are changed, walls are painted, carpet cleaned or replaced, and everything is in working order.
  • Show vacant rental property to prospective tenants – After we have your rental property cleaned out and prepared for the next tenant, we can start showing the rental property off to new prospective tenants. We’ll also help you market your rental property to make sure you're reaching your target market.

Just bought a foreclosure and looking to rent it out?

Buying an investment property is great way to build equity and make a living. Keeping tenants and your property taken care of are the last part of the whole process. When you buy a foreclosed home, you'll need Task Wizard to get that property into renting shape! We can update the kitchen and bathroom, coordinate major repairs to flooring, siding, and construction; ensure all of the major appliances and systems such as furnace, air conditioner, hot water tank all work properly; paint the walls and clean the carpets. Give us a call, there's no repair job too big or small!

Property Manager all-inclusive service

There's no task too small in Youngstown, Canfield, Warren, Niles, or anywhere in between. It's our goal to provide first-rate service that you can trust to get the job done!

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